Hi loves! Today I wanted to share some of the first outfits I’ve got for baby “B”. (Yes, we already chose a name but we are going to wait a little longer to share it). 😉

I’m starting week 27 and so far things are going great, he’s growing strong and healthy. So far I’ve been struggling with my energy levels, there’s days that I can do 100 things at the same time and days that I struggle to get out of bed. But it’s all worth it.:)

Enough talking and lets start with the cutest baby outfits I found so far! My first shopping spree it’s from ZARA, by now you all now how hard I love that store in particular when they are on Sale. Each item was less than $20, so I stocked up with some nice essentials that are perfect Fall/Winter.

I hope you enjoy it!:)


Hello and welcome to a new post!
Today I wanted to share with all of you some really exciting news! By now you may already know that I’m expecting my second child, a beautiful rainbow baby. 🙂
Baby ‘B’ (I will wait to share her/his name) came into our lives at the perfect time.

Today I partnered up with Freshly Picked to bring you this exciting news! They make the most adorable and comfortable moccasins perfect for newborns and for those first baby steps.

With this pregnancy we found out really early if we were having a girl or a boy, perks of getting older. 😉 The doctor did some genetic testing which tells you right after the 10th week what you are expecting ( I found out with my son that we were expecting a boy when I was almost 5 months pregnant), so it was quite fast!

Without further ado we are thrilled to announce that…we are expecting a baby boy!



We can’t wait to meet our little bundle of joy and welcome this rainbow into our lives.




Hi everyone! This time I partnered up with Gymboree to bring you some fun and comfortable boys outfit for this Christmas season.

This holiday season, Gymboree will be celebrating “One Big Happy Wonderland”, is not just about clothes. Is about how clothes are part of a Holiday memory. I still remember the beautiful dresses my mom used get us just to get the perfect picture with Santa.

I also remember how as a child we celebrated Christmas at my parents house and we opened up the presents on Christmas Eve. Right after 12:00, Santa came and left all the gifts beneath the tree. Obviously we were distracted trying to catch Santa, but my parents always found a way to let the magic keep happening.

Even though here in United States, kids get their presents on Christmas morning we are planning on keeping the tradition of receiving Santa’s presents on Christmas Eve alive. We anyways are way to excited to go to bed. 🙂
What was your favorite Christmas tradition as a child? Do you still remember the clothes you wore?

Don’t forget is not just about a cute Outfit, is about the memory you are building with that perfect Outfit. If you have the chance to visit a Gymboree stores take advantage of this promotion they have going on. The will be giving away lots of great prices so you can start making your own family memories. Two lucky customers will be treated to their next holiday vacation, with a Club Med all-inclusive family. They will give you a scratcher that will reveal a special surprise, One Big Happy Wonderland!

Thank you Gymboree for helping us to build our own family memories. 🙂 I hope you enjoy these Outfits as much as we will!






Hi everyone! Holiday season is here and with that comes what the Family will be wearing for all this fun events.

Today I partnered up with CRAZY 8 to bring you some fun boy Outfits.

CRAZY 8 makes it super easy, you can access to stylish children’s clothing from Newborn to Age 14 at crazy low prices.

Follow me on INSTAGRAM to be part of a $50 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY. I hope you enjoy this cute Outfits! 🙂








Hi, everyone! Welcome to a new blog post.
If you follow me on Instagram you know I looove accessories, I think of them as the final touch for every outfit.

When it comes to accessories I feel that less is more. I like wearing a one statement piece and add a few simple things around it.

One of my favorite piece of jewelry are watches in this case I wanted to show you how I styled my JORD watch.
I recently received this gorgeous watch made of Purpleheart wood. Yessss, a watch make of 100% natural wood.How cool is that?!




The wood has a natural purple color that can rarely be replicated making each watch unique, hand finish this beauty is splash proof, but should not be submerged in water.


I find this color perfect for the next Winter season. Since this piece by itself is gorgeous I like to wear it alone or add a few bracelets to make it more fun. You can find this exact same watch here. 😉

If you want your JORD watch for your next Fall/ Winter outfit click the link below and be part of this unique GIVEAWAY! Jord will be hosting this GIVEAWAY, you can win $75 discount towards your purchase. But don’t be sad… if you don’t win you will get $20 discount just for entering.

Good luck and share your JORD love!

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

Wooden Wristwatch


I have to admit I love bracelets but it’s hard to style them on a daily basis. Specially if you are running around doing errands, working with your computer or taking care of your little ones. Bracelets kinda get stuck everywhere. Who am I kidding at some point I feel uncomfortable and end up removing them!

But those sweet days I want to wear them I like to style them following a few simple rules.

1. PICK A CENTERPIECE: I have a thing for big watches so I usually work around them and make them my Centerpiece. You can pick and choose a ring as your statement piece or even a big bracelet.


2. FROM THIN TO THICK: I like to start with a watch and then stack the bracelets behind going from the thinest bracelet to the thickest. If there’s no watch or you just don’t like them just start from thin to thick.


3. MIX AND MATCH: Choose different metal colors, gold, silver, yellow. There’s no longer need to match and no need to do one hand in one metal and the other one in an other one. Choose a pop of color or just pick the rainbow, whatever suits your personality.

For me the main goal it’s always to have fun while styling my outfits! 😉




I posted on my Instagram this beautiful Anthropologie Maxi Dress and I’ve got several questions about it. 🙂
I purchased this dress it almost two years ago and I was immediately in love!!




They only had it in Medium and it was quite big to be honest, so I took it to my tailor and asked her to fix it for me, it turned out even better than the original in my opinion.

Since I’m on the Petite side it’s crucial for us petite ladies to have a VERY GOOD tailor to help us get the perfect fit! This dress was totally worth the extra money! 😉




Summer is here! If your are planning a beach getaway this packing list I made will help you pack some beach “essentials”.

This selection has some of my favorite summer items, I like light colors a lot so it’s based on my personal taste. You can pick the colors that you like the most!

Enjoy it and let me know what are you favorite beach “essentials” in the comments below!

Summer style guide (1)

1 ) Summer Hat| 2) H&M Bikini | 3) Ray Ban Sunglasses | 4) Melissa Jelly Sandal | 5) #GIRLBOSS Book | 6) H&M White Dress | 7) Straw Tote Handbag


Father’s Day is this Sunday! I thought it would be a great idea to let my husband pick some of the things he would like to get as a gift. It also gave me some extra ideas of what he might want as a present! 😉

Enjoy this Father’s Day Picks, you will find the links for each pick below the picture.




Happy Friday! By now y’all know how much I loooove to shop at Zara. You can check my Summer Picks in my previous post. I’ve been shopping there since I was pretty young, let’s say high school times! Yep, that was a long time ago…

I like Zara for many reasons! Number one would be their style. You probably won’t like all of their items; at least that’s what happens to me. I like more of a classic look and this store does a perfect job with that.

Number two would be their quality. I think all their pieces are very well made.
From clothes, shoes and bags, I never had an issue with their clothes. Even the cheapest T-Shirts looked good. Don’t get fooled because it’s $10, they deliver in the quality department.

Last but not least would be price. Even though it’s not the cheapest store out there their prices are very good. Considering some of the items will last quite some time.



Now let’s go to the actual tips:

1- Download the app
WARNING!!!!!!!!!! It’s very easy to use and highly addictive, so be aware… Just kidding you will love it! I find the app easier than the website.

2- If you like something get it!
You probably won’t find the right size if you wait to long!

3- Browse the kid section!
No kidding I’ m on the petite side and I found the cutest shoes in there.



4- Size up!
Sometime two sizes up, since they have European sizing they tend to be quite small. Don’t trust the size just because it matches what you usually use, it will be small! Don’t size up with shoes.

Don’t skip the SALE season. Sales start at the beginning of June trough the beginning of August (Summer Sale), and from December trough February (Winter Sale). I also scored some amazing deals during Black Friday.

I hope you enjoyed these shopping tips! Let me know how was your experience shopping at Zara and leave some comments below on how this tips helped you.


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