Welcome to a new blog post! I’m sharing with you my five favorite red lipsticks.
I love how a red lip look can make any simple outfit look glamorous, even with little o no makeup. Reds lips are here to stay! If you find the perfect shade of red for your skin tone you can wear it all year long.

I tried several shades of red before I found which ones I liked better. Finally I realized I always ended up picking blue-toned reds, I do think they look better with my skin tone.

But enough chatting and let me start with my five favorite red lipstick choice!

NOTE: If you can’t find your favorite red lipstick leave it the comments below! I might find a new favorite. 😉


I found this lipstain to be more a daytime red, I usually wear it during the day because of it’s glossy finish. I like that non- sticky feel and that leaves my lips soft and hydrated during the day. Great choice for a great price!($10)


This is a liquid matte lipstick it glides on as a liquid and dries out to a velvety matte finish. You can drink and eat and it will stay there as long as you want. I do like to apply some lip balm before applying it. Plus it’s cruelty free and vegan.($20)


Liquid lipstick, with vitamin E and avocado oil for hydrated yet matte look. It’s highly pigmented, last up to 6 hours and it’s budge-proof. It’s applied like a gloss yet has the staying power of a stain.($24)


Besides the gorgeous packaging this red lipstick it’s perfect for a daytime look. It’s super creamy, moisturizing and has a nice sheer finish. You can apply several layers for a deeper color.($37)

This lipstick is the perfect all time red, bright also creamy and it smells so good. If you like creamy formulas then this lipstick is for you. It tend to use this lipstick with a lip liner to avoid feathering. You can also apply several layers to get a darker shade of red.($37)


Hi there, welcome to a new blog post! Today I wanted to share with all of you a lash treatment called Keratin Lash lift.

I wanted to try to this treatment for quite some time since I had already tried eyelash extension I gave it a try. This time I wanted to tried something that worked similar to eyelash extensions and avoid getting my own lashes damaged.

This lash lift it’s different than the ones to that were done some years ago with a smaller curl. The eyelash profesional used a silicone pad so the curl is more natural and each lash can be lift individually adding volume to them.

You are able to choose the size of your curl ( Small, Medium or Large). I decided to go with small since I was looking for a natural yet “dramatic” effect. The lashes are “glued” to the silicone pad for about 40 minutes ( I took a nice and deserved nap 😉 ). It’s not painful but your eyes need to be stay closed the entire time.

After that the technician applied a tint to make them stand out even more. The lash lift lasts around 8 to 12 weeks. Way more convenient that eyelash extensions if you ask me! 🙂 I was also told not to wet them and avoid makeup for just 24 hours.

If you are like me and are not entirely sure about eyelash extensions you should give the Keratin Lash Lift a try.

Here’s a before and after picture, those were the results with no mascara at all!



Hi ladies! Today I’m sharing my La Mer Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation experience.
I was a little skeptical to try it at first, a few months ago I purchased La Mer’s BB cream and ended up returning it. It was just too oily for my skin and I was not pleased with the shades either.

Despite this bad experience, I decided to give it a chance when I heard they launched a new foundation with a brand new formula.


I learned my lesson and asked for several samples first, not only because I wanted to make sure the formula was going to work with my skin; but also I wanted to pick the right shade.


Skin wise, this new foundation comes with all the skin benefits you’ll find in any La Mer product plus SPF 20, amazing healing properties, hydrating and of course their signature Miracle Broth. You can’t go wrong with any La Mer products.


Now lets talk about coverage, I found it has a medium coverage but you are able to build it up to full, in my case I like the fact that I can still see my skin. It covers really well but it doesn’t feel you are wearing tons of makeup. I have a few freckles and this foundation blurred them away graciously.
This formula it’s so much better than the BB Cream I tried!



I was surprised with how glowy and healthy the skin looked, not greasy but with a healthy glow, even after using face powder my skin looked amazing.

Price wise, it is a big investment, I wont lie. But in comparison with the rest of La Mer’s products is not a such a crazy price. If you are able to indulge yourself give it a try I promise you wont regret it.


I love doing my makeup and using different lipstick colors and also as part of my beauty routine I take very good care of smile.

I do think that a great smile is the best accessory anyone can wear, men or women.

This is why I decided to partner with Smile Brilliant. I thought it was a great product to try and review.
Smile Brilliant is an at home professional teeth whitening that let you have great results in the comfort of your home and for the fraction of the cost. How cool is that?!

You can order the entire kit and they will send you all the materials to make your own mold, whitening gel and a desensitizing gel to avoid any discomfort.


All you need is to make your impressions send them back and they will send you your custom fitted trays. You won’t have to worry about the envelope. You will receive an envelope to send your impressions with the proper address. That’s all you have to do!


I loved the results so far, and the idea of doing the treatment at any time while doing other things around the house is just perfect for my schedule. In fact, I’m wearing my trays while I’m writing this post. Talk about multistasking! LOL



But what a better way of proving the results than showing you before and after pictures. I hope you enjoy them! You can read more about the system here. I also added this YOU TUBE video to give you more info about it.

Professional Teeth Whitening


Welcome to a new post! This past month box was awesome, they named it THE COOL CUT! Products for different parts of the world. Let me show you the some the NEXT BIG THING!


1. SMASHBOX, ALWAYS ON MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK IN DRIVER’S SEAT: Budge- proof liquid lipstick is formulated with a complex jojoba, apricot and sunflower oil. Leaves an amazing color with a non-drying finish.


2. CHRISTOPHER ROBIN, REGENERATING MASK: Hair mask formulated by one of the most popular hairstylist in Paris. After shampooing, apply a small amount to hair and work from scalp to ends. Let soak in for just a couple of minutes then lather and rinse completely.


3. SKIN INC, PURE REVIVAL PEEL: Non abrasive peel. This fuss- free japanese brand is beloved by beauty fanatics across Europe and Asia for its highly concentrated skincare formulas that are completely pure and fragrance-free. Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin. Let soak in for just a few seconds, massage in using circular motions to exfoliate. Rinse with warm water. Gentle enough to use 2-3 time a week.


4. BLINC, MASCARA AMPLIFIED: This mascara is ideal for sensitive eyes, contact lenses wearers. Can be layered over fake lashes or lash extensions.


5. BELIF, THE TRUE CREAM AQUA BOMB LIGHTWEIGHT GEL CREAM: The Belif cream hails from South Korea, but what makes it unique is that they are made form Scottish botanicals. Made to tighten the look of skin. Smooth over your face and neck after cleansing. Can be used to apply over makeup.


Yes, microblading, eyebrow tattoo, feathering, hair stroke, semi permanent makeup… several names for this amazing relatively new metho that I’m glad I discovered.

Microblanding is basically doing a tattoo in your eyebrows, is done by using a fine blade and inserting pigment into your eyebrows. It is called hair stroke since it’s intention is to recreate your individual hair. We all now that missing just one hair in your eyebrows can make a huge difference.

1. CHOOSE THE RIGHT ARTIST: It took me quite some time to find the right artist. I loved the work Xtravagantlash made so I’m more than happy I found her.
Before you decide who is going to do the work check out her/his Web Page or Social Media. If you don’t like what you see then you probably wont like the results and end up unhappy with your choice. So make sure you found the right artist for you!

2. It’s painful: Ladies this is not a facial! Even though she used numbing cream I could still feel some pain. If you know you are extremely sensitive then this treatment is probably not a good idea.

3. After Care: After care can be hard! The first day I only had to apply a thin layer of Neosporin to avoid getting any kind of infection.
Also no water can touch your brows for 10 days! This was really though, so she suggested to apply a thick layer of Vaseline before I took a shower. If you are using any kind of Retin-A it is probably a good idea that you stop a week before doing the treatment. You CAN’T do permanent make up if you are using Accutane.

4. Pricing: You can find a wide range of prices from $300 to $1000. Mine was in between and it included one touch up after two weeks.

Overall I’m very pleased with the results. You will be walking the first couple of days with Sharpie eyebrows. I did mine right before Halloween so it was a win win! 😉 This is my second time doing microblading and I loved the results! I wish I had done it sooner! Feel free to email me if you have further questions.



Hi everyone! This month box it’s a selection of hair, makeup and skincare must haves. If you want to know more about how this subscription works click here.

Now lets get into September box!



1. ROUGE SHINE LIPSTICK IN LOVE SPELL: This glossy pink is a go to shade for everyday use.
Tip: Use a brush to apply a light dusting of translucent powder after applying the color, this will help lock the color in place.


2. LIVING PROOF, PERFECT HAIR DAY NIGHT CAP: This hair mask can be used overnight. Before bed work into damp or dry hair, distribute from root to tip focusing on ends. Leave overnight and then shampoo your hair. It is also safe to use with Keratin or other straightening treatments.


3. ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS BROW GEL: Lightweight gel that gives a natural look and keeps brows in place for a polished look that stays all day. I like using this Gel for a natural no makeup look.
Tip: Fill in with a brow pencil or powder and then apply brow gel with upward strokes.


4.DR. JART, WATER DROP HYDRATING MOISTURIZER : Water based moisturizer provides hydration why visibly plumping and boosting overall appearance with hyaluronic acid.


5. KAT VON D, TATTOO LINER IN TROOPER: Waterproof brush tip liquid liner, glides perfectly and delivers a highly pigmented color. This was my favorite product in this month box!


I hoped you enjoyed this month box as much as I did! Let me know if you tried any of this products and if so will you purchase them again? Have a wonderful week!


Hi everyone! You might be wondering what am I doing reviewing my Sephora Box from August in September.
Let me explain, I recently moved to a new house and they sent my box ( even though I let them know I moved) to my old house. So I hope the new homeowners enjoyed my Sephora box!

This month it’s all about the eyes, all the products from makeup to skincare are to be used in the eye area.


1. MAKEUP FOR EVER: This eyeshadow in I-544 it’s a highly pigmented iridescent pink. It’s a gorgeous eyeshadow that can be used during the day and night. You can use this eyeshadow as an eyeliner, just wet a small angled brush with a little bit of contact lense solution and will help to set the color for the entire day.


2.URBAN DECAY- PERVERSION MASCARA : This lengthening and volumizing mascara is made with a triple black pigment and buildable creamy formula.


3. LANCOME SMOTHING & GLOWING MOISTURIZER: Liquid lotion this moisturizer relives dullness and diminishes signs of fatigue giving you back the perfect glow. After cleansing place a few drops in your hands and press into your face. It may be used in place of a moisturizer specially in hot days since it’s a lightway formula.


4. ALGENIST EYE RENEWAL BALM: Soothing and moisturizing eye cream. Reduces dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. Tip: Before applying any other product wait for a couple of minutes.


5. SEPHORA COLLECTION- CONTOUR EYE PENCIL: This waterproof eyeliner in Love Affair is creamy and easy to apply. It’s long lasting formula is a shimmery plum is the perfect addition for your fall outfit.



My new Play! by Sephora box arrived a few days ago so here’s the review with details on this month box.
If you want to know more details on how this subscription service works click here!

This month box it’s called “Effortless” since it’s still quite hot around here we could use some advice on what products to use and still look chic the rest of the Summer.


1. FIRST AIR BEAUTY: This face cleanser contains Aloe Vera, so it’s perfect to use on burned skin after sun exposure. The company claims to be free of harsh chemicals and allergens making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.


2. OUAI WAVE SPRAY: This hair mist promise sexy wavy hair with just a couple of sprays’s. Easy to use it’s the perfect choice for a quick hair fix.

IMG_6923 (1)

3. SMASHBOX PRIMER: The perfect Primer to keep your makeup in place on those Summer days! To get a more natural look just mix it with a little bit of foundation and apply it with your wet Beauty Blender.

IMG_6930 (1)

4. BEAUTY BLENDER BLOTTERAZZI: Washable and reusable cushion removes shine and oil without ruining your makeup. It also helps to remove makeup cracks from foundation, unlike the regular Beauty Blender Sponge this cushion needs to be dry to get better results.


5. BENEFIT COSMETICS HOOLA LIQUID BRONZER: Shimmer free bronzer that gives you a radiant sunkissed finish. Apply it where you would naturally tan ( forehead, cheeks, bridge on the nose and chin) and then blend out. You can use a brush, wet sponge or even your fingers. I mix it with a little bit of moisturizer to get a delicate finish.




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