Hi loves! Today I wanted to share some of the first outfits I’ve got for baby “B”. (Yes, we already chose a name but we are going to wait a little longer to share it). 😉

I’m starting week 27 and so far things are going great, he’s growing strong and healthy. So far I’ve been struggling with my energy levels, there’s days that I can do 100 things at the same time and days that I struggle to get out of bed. But it’s all worth it.:)

Enough talking and lets start with the cutest baby outfits I found so far! My first shopping spree it’s from ZARA, by now you all now how hard I love that store in particular when they are on Sale. Each item was less than $20, so I stocked up with some nice essentials that are perfect Fall/Winter.

I hope you enjoy it!:)