Hi, there!
Welcome back! I remember I was once asked by a friend if I cooked every day, at that time I felt it was a silly question. Well… we do eat every single day so the obvious answer was YES! But now, I understand the meaning of that “COOKING” meant.

My husband and I come from a family where food is made from scratch. Every single year during New’s Year day they made homemade ravioli. Yep, they do they take a lot of time! But, the nicest thing about it is building memories around those moments.

Today, I partnered up with Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh is a subscription service in which you can pick different meal plans depending your lifestyle. They will send everything you need to prepare a homemade meal to your doorstep. How great is that?! They offer different types of meal plans for meat eaters or veggies lovers. I decided to get the Veggie Plan with all meat free recipes.



Don’t panic with every meal you will receive a booklet with a step by step on how to prepare them. It was super easy and the best part was to watch how excited my 7 year old was.


I learned that getting my son involved with me in the kitchen was the perfect way to connect with him. Thanks to Hello Fresh he ate three Veggie meals with out hesitating! That’s a total win!
I loved how easy it was and the best part was spending time with my little one.


I encourage you to try it at least once and have fun with it. Use it as a family activity after all we are making memories every single day of our lives. 😉 It’s not just a box with food, it’s a box full of memories. 🙂